Local businesses and shops

The local pub is 'The Chelsfield' which is beside Chelsfield Station in Windsor Drive. Windsor Drive continues as a parade of shops.

Shops include a mini market, a newsagent, a post office, a chemist, a car accessories shop, a hairdressers, a dentist, a restaurant, a pet shop, an off licence, an estate agent, a fish and chips shop, a glassworks, video hire, office equipment, etc.  

We have a lovely  semi permanent flower stall which, as well providing colour, sells fresh flowers.

Another business with our name is Chelsfield Park Hospital, a private hospital with 50 beds, but it is in fact about 1 mile away. Orpington Hospital as about 1 mile away and the new Princess Royal University Hospital is about 1.5 miles away  

Our nearest supermarket is Waitrose at Green St Green which is about a mile away and about 2 miles away is Orpington High Street  which has a vast array of shops including a massive Tesco and all the other shops you would expect to see in a good large secondary centre.  5 and 10 miles away are the first class shopping centres of Bromley and Bluewater.


Windsor Drive shops

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